To finish a graduate degree and start a professional career you have to write and then defend a doctoral dissertation or a thesis as it is considered as a document which illustrates your level of proficiency in your major discipline.

For those who are only beginning writers or those who simply don’t like writing at all working on a dissertation looks like a year of tortures in the library and composing 5 chapters paperwork containing information which they have no idea where and how to choose. To simplify a little bit this tough challenge for you, we decided to give you some tips how to work with material more effectively. You should keep in mind that dissertation is not only working on the paper, it is also working on yourself and your discipline. All the research process and findings are often more important for you than the final document but you should keep your work balanced. So, our recommendations to you are below.


5 tips to work on doctoral dissertation effectively

  1. Write dissertation every day. Regular writing will help you to create valuable ideas in the process of writing. If you began describing certain idea you should better not put away your writing until you finish formulating it. You can also write even when you conduct research work despite it is not obligatory. Thus, you will be able to see beforehand how theory and practice parts of the text will look together. Moreover, what regular writing gives, first of all, is your permanent engagement with ideas of your dissertation. And this doesn’t let you break out of the topic. You should believe us in the word: there is nothing more difficult in dissertation writing then returning to the writing after a long pause.
  2. Communicate with people who are in the same process. If you have a possibility to form kind of a group of dissertating students this would be perfect. There you all will find support and good advice. You may share your ideas, show your written material, ask for a feedback. If the group members are all eager to have the most effective results from this communication then the group leader can even establish a certain schedule of writing, meeting and discussing. This will surely keep you all in a certain pace of work.
  3. Build a timetable of your work. Set yourself short and long term deadlines. You can also invent a way to deal with missed deadlines. If it is possible create a schedule for your meetings with the advisor. And, by the way, if you have no ideas, feel as if you stuck on something or have any other problems with writing it doesn’t mean that you should avoid meeting your advisor. On the contrary, a good piece of advice from an experienced specialist may be just what you lack.
  4. Be a real intellectual owner of your dissertation. It illustrates your professional level, your proficiency. Most probably that it will be published. So now it’s high time for you to develop those skills which are necessary for your success in the chosen discipline. Except that you ask for your peers’ opinion, try to look objectively at your doctoral dissertation yourself and evaluate its quality. Find your weaknesses, think how to improve them. Maybe you need to get the specialist’s assistance, maybe you should contact a professional editor. Look at your dissertation from various points of view. There shouldn’t be any shortcomings either language or logical.
  5. Choose one: proofreading or revising. To make the correct choice you should understand the difference. Revising involves much more than simple grammar and punctuation corrections and improving word order. The main task of writing revision is to make ideas and thoughts expressed as clear as only possible. For this purpose the text must be built logically, so that one idea flowed coherently into another and so on. Proofreading will not include such profound corrections.

We really hope that this information would help you to write your breakthrough doctoral dissertation and you will have a fascinating academic career afterwards. And should you need any assistance in the process of writing, you are welcome to contact us anytime and we will be glad to provide you with any necessary help.