It depends on your educational establishment whether you need to write a dissertation proposal or not. But even if there is no need to write it, this proposal is a really good exercise and it will be an additional bonus to your work if you write it without being assigned to.

What dissertation proposal gives you

Still, in many cases a research proposal is an obligatory part of the writing which is being separately assessed. It is a final step before beginning a profound work on the dissertation itself. In this case it becomes of vital importance to write this paper with correct formatting and submit it within the stipulated timeframe. In the majority of cases a research proposal has a word limit of 500 or 1000 words but you should check it with your course instructions.

Basically, a dissertation proposal describes such things as:

  • topic of the future dissertation
  • questions to be discussed in the dissertation
  • references to the theoretical basis
  • research methods, empirical or not, to be used
  • previous results of the dissertation

It is important to understand that time spent for writing such a proposal is an investment to your future dissertation work as later on you will not need to waste time to compose the dissertation plan.

Writing a dissertation without special requirement is also a worthy thing as if you submit it to your supervisor you have a chance to receive a really valuable feedback in reply. With the help of your proposal you can get a consultation whether you use appropriate style and tone. In this way you will show your willingness to adapt your work to the requirements set. In your proposal you can also describe what you plan to disclose in your dissertation. If you are enough open-minded, flexible and not arrogant you will most probably receive a great many of valuable pieces of advice.

Before submitting your proposal, do not forget to check it for compliance with grammar and punctuation rules. Even if the work is not obligatory it doesn’t mean that it may contain any mistakes.


Proposal structure

Below we suggest you a structure of the dissertation proposal.

  1. A title: try to make it short and thoughtful.
  2. Objectives: we recommend to have not more than three objectives, otherwise, your research will need to cover too broad volume of information.
  3. Literature/ background/ context: any of these words can be used, just enumerate those areas of study which will be related to your dissertation.
  4. Research details: herewith you can provide information as to the area of your research.
  5. Methodologies: this section depends on whether your work is empirical or not; if it is planned to be empirical and will involve usage of both studies and also data collected with the help of investigation, then this section will be rather long as you need to describe all the methods of research; if it is not empirical then it will be very brief.
  6. Potential outcomes: of course you cannot guess the exact outcomes of your dissertation on the stage when you only compose a research proposal, you can simply write which kind of results you would like to achieve and which target reader may be potentially interested in your dissertation.
  7. Timeline: in case if you need to precise your plan of work with time periods indication, all we can recommend is to be realistic and not stipulate deadlines you may miss, you should better take time with a margin but not chock-a-block.
  8. Bibliography: before composing this part you should find out which are the requirements of your particular supervisor or educational establishment and prepare its rough description as you also cannot know at this stage how it will look like.

We hope that this information will be useful for you. Should you need assistance with composing your assignment proposal, do not hesitate to contact us and we will do all you need. Our client service is available 24/7 via chat, e-mail or telephone.